Committee on District Superintendency

The purpose of the Committee on District Superintendency shall be to support the district  superintendent of the district in the oversight of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the Church, with special reference to the district where the superintendent has responsibilities. In fulfilling this purpose, the committee shall give attention to the following responsibilities:

  1. To advocate for adequate budget-support services for the district superintendent, such as adequate secretarial support, travel, continuing education, and parsonage needs (¶¶ 423.2, 614.1a).
  2. To be available for counsel.
  3. To keep the district superintendent advised concerning conditions within the district as they affect relations among the district superintendent, the laity, the clergy, and the district agencies.
  4. To establish a clearly understood process for observing the district superintendent’s ministry with direct evaluation and feedback, with special concern for the inclusiveness of the Church and its ministry with respect to sex, race, and national origin, and implementation of the consultative process in appointment-making.
  5. To consult with the district superintendent concerning continuing education and to arrange with the cabinet and bishop for the necessary time and financial assistance for the attendance of the district superintendent at such continuing education events as may serve his or her professional and spiritual growth.
  6. To interpret to the people of the district and to the district boards and agencies the nature and function of the district superintendency.


Committee members are:

Rev. Ben Barnett
Rev. Ann Bridges (Chairperson)
Rev. Latonya Dash
Rev. Robert Hoover
Rev. Henry Ravenel
Rev. James Ross
Pamela Goodwine-Glover
Thelma Hudson
Jackie Jenkins (secretary)
Sabrina Singleton

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